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 Rules (please read before posting)

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PostSubject: Rules (please read before posting)   Sat Oct 17, 2009 2:35 pm

- Advertising others members to buy, sell, or anything are against our rules, therefore you will get a warning, and possibly, a ban, however, you can advertise in your signature. This also includes advertising in pms, no sending pms just to advertise products or your site.

- Material that is knowingly defamatory, illegal, abusive, threatening or harassing, is strictly prohibited. As with anything, you, as a member, should use good common sense when posting. In other words, you agree not to be a jerk. Posts containing personal attacks on another user will be edited or deleted with no warning or consent.

Right to Privacy
- You will not violate a person's privacy by publishing information against another members will, information that is private and personal. If you violate this rule, your account might be banned without warning.

- Topics/posts that are just complete nonsense will be deleted, or have the entire thread locked, at the moderators discretion. If you violate this rule, your account might be banned without warning.

- Topics/posts containing such will be edited or deleted accordingly. If you violate this rule, your account might be banned/deleted without warning.

- Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene is not permitted on these forums. Topics/posts containing such will be deleted on sight. If you violate this rule, your account might be banned without warning.

- Providing or asking for information on how to illegally obtain "warez", "gamez" or any other software or work protected by copyright law is strictly forbidden. If you violate this rule, your account might be banned without warning.

Virus, Malware and Adware
- Posting links leading to virus, malware, adware, etc is forbidden. Any violation of this rule, your account will be banned without prior warning and the thread will be edited or deleted accordingly. As a warning to our users, you should be vigilant when clicking on links and exercise the same caution as you would on other sites.

Post Pumping
- If a post is suspected to serve no other purpose than to increase the post count of the poster, then the moderators may, at their discretion, issue a PM to the member in question enquiring about the nature of the post. Posts/Threads that are blatantly post pumping will be removed/locked without warning.

- Posting the same question in more than one forum is not allowed. Should this occur, then only the thread in the most relevant forum will be left open; all others will be locked and subsequently deleted.

Rick Roll'd
- Yes, Rick Roll'd. It is OK for you to post videos/links that lead to the famous Rick Astley video, or anything else misleading. You may not, however, post a video/link leading to a "screamer" video, or anything by that means. A "screamer" video, is a video that will be quite, then in the middle/end of the video, an image of the devil/witch/satanic figure/spongebob/etc. will just POP UP and a REALLY LOUD scream or "devil noise" will be blaring at you. A Video/Link that breaks this rule will lead to a day ban without notice by an Admin or Moderator.

Back Seat Modding aka Trolling
- The moderating/Administrative team knows what they are doing. Please don't post "Should this topic be locked" or "You're spamming" as your post would just be deleted. If you really feel the need to help out the administrative team, you could just pm a member about the topic and see if your request/action gets done. A link to the rules does not count as backseat modding, as long as it's just a friendly reminder.

Reputation Abuse
- Please don't just go around voting negative or positive for no reason, I can find out who voted what for that post, and anybody voting negative or positive for no reason whatsoever, will be banned. You can press the "Thanks" button if the user has helped you in that post, please don't just go around pressing "Thanks" for no apparent reason, as it will get you a ban.

Extra stuff: Please remember that topics are automatically archived after 100 days of not being posted in, so I don't want angry PMs asking why their topic got archived.
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Rules (please read before posting)
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